Gastro Pub BM4

Working hours:
mon - technical day
tue, wed, thu, sun - 11:00 - 22:00
fri, sat - 11:00 - 23:00
for 50 people
Average Check:
500 rubles
European / Street Food
Nevsky Avenue
Large selection of drinks
DJ speakers, lighting equipment
Music, air conditioning

Stylish and modern interior with two zones: a bar counter area, an area with tables. In the summer, you can comfortably sit at tables on the street. A varied menu with appetizers, snacks and dishes for a wholesome hearty meal. We also prepared special gluten-free dishes and a children's menu.

Pike perch, sweet potato puree, langoustine bisqueTagliatelle arrabiata with langoustinesBurgersRomaine lettuce, artichokes, tomatoesBaked rolls with crabSpaghetti carbonaraCauliflower, Chuka seaweed cream, peanut sauceChicken and beef burgersBruschetta with avodcado and scramblingAvocado with goat cheeseBurgerPizza MargaritaBurger
Our dishes
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Ciabatta with sprats and cucumber300 rub.

Broken cucumbers with chili and sesame seeds320 rub.

Spicy herring with potatoes and onions410 rub.

Chicken liver pate with jam and ciabatta420 rub.

Bruschetta with mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto420 rub.

Bruschetta with salted salmon and cottage cheese470 rub.

Salted salmon with capers and lime660 rub.

Beef tartare with guacamole and ciabatta750 rub.

Assorted farm cheeses with dried tomatoes920 rub.

Garlic croutons with cheese and tzatziki sauce300 rub.

French fries / Idaho potatoes300 rub.

Onion rings with cheese sauce and khalapeno400 rub.

Fried mozzarella with apricot jam450 rub.

Honey Chicken Wings490 rub.

Ketchup70 rub.

Tzatziki70 rub.

Cheese70 rub.

BBQ70 rub.

Tomato70 rub.

Mayonnaise70 rub.

Garlic70 rub.

Coriander pesto70 rub.

Romaine salad with artichokes and tomatoes460 rub.

Warm salad with glazed chicken lliver470 rub.

Caesar salad with chicken490 rub.

Eel with quinoa and broken cucumbers530 rub.

Caesar salad with shrimps590 rub.

Grilled chicken thigh with porcini mushroom sauce590 rub.

Pike perch and salmon cutlets with risotto690 rub.

Pork Ribs BBQ720 rub.

Stroganov with mashed potatoes760 rub.

Salmon steak with oyster sauce and arugula1100 rub.

Marbled beef tagliata with cilantro pesto1500 rub.

Club sandwich with bacon and checken breast490 rub.

Burger with chicken thigh590 rub.

Vegetable burger with khalapeno and tomatoes590 rub.

Burger with marbled beef590 rub.

Burger branded «MB 4» with marbled beef, bacon, khalapeno and onion rings640 rub.

Rye Ciabatta with garlic butter260 rub.

Pizza Margarita450 rub.

Pepperoni Pizza550 rub.

Pizza 4 cheese640 rub.

Penne tomatorini420 rub.

Spaghetti Carbonara520 rub.

Tagliatelle with salmon610 rub.

Borscht with smoked meats and sour cream450 rub.

Cream soup of porcini mushrooms450 rub.

Tom Yam with coconut milk and rice600 rub.

Pancakes with sour cream and apricot jam250 rub.

Oatmeal porridge with coconut milk and berries300 rub.

Ice cream in the assortment300 rub.

Cheesecake360 rub.

Mango Passion fruit souffle360 rub.

Cottage cheese pancake with sour cream360 rub.

Chocolate candies with walnuts and oranges390 rub.

Mojito (non-alco)450 rub.

Pina Colada (non-alco)450 rub.

Milkshake450 rub.

Water still / sparkling250 rub.

Forest berries drink200 rub.

Kvass200 rub.

Coca-Cola/Fanta/Sprite/Schweppes200 rub.

Assorted juice200 rub.

Coffe Americano200 rub.

Coffe Espresso200 rub.

Coffe Cappuccino250 rub.

Latte300 rub.

Flat White400 rub.

Raf350 rub.

Cocoa300 rub.

Assorted tea250 rub.

Branded sea buckthorn tea500 rub.

Branded ginger tea500 rub.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine250 rub.

Fresh juices: orange, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, apple, carrotfrom 350 rub.

Homemade lemonades: ginger, cucumber, strawberry, citrus350 rub.

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