Gastro Pub BM4

Working hours:
mon-sun 11:00–23:00
for 50 people
Average Check:
500 rubles
European / Street Food
Nevsky Avenue
10 craft beer taps
DJ speakers, lighting equipment
Music, air conditioning

Stylish and modern interior with two zones: a bar counter area, an area with tables. In the summer, you can comfortably sit at tables on the street. A varied menu with appetizers, snacks and dishes for a wholesome hearty meal. We also prepared special gluten-free dishes and a children's menu.

Pizza Margherita with mushroomsBBQ RibsBeef and Chicken BurgersPizza Margherita with mushrooms4 cheese burgerPotato wedgesOlivier with weak salmon layers and red caviar
Our dishes
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Assorted toasts154 rub.

Tuna tar-tar494 rub.

Beef tar-tar434 rub.

Meat plate474 rub.

Cheese plate494 rub.

Spicy herring with potatoes284 rub.

Salted Salmon with lime304 rub.

Fresh vegetable salad224 rub.

Vegetable salad with poached egg and caviar294 rub.

Tuna salad454 rub.

Caesar-pink with chicken394 rub.

Caesar-pink with shrimps484 rub.

Olivier with salmon and caviar394 rub.

Olivier with chicken324 rub.

Fried meat dumplings234 rub.

BBQ Wings354 rub.

Beer plate694 rub.

Croutons with cheese164 rub.

Cheese sticks284 rub.

Pasta with cherry tomatoes and pesto374 rub.

Carbonara pasta394 rub.

Shrimp pasta474 rub.

Brand MB4 burger514 rub.

Shrimp and arugula burger614 rub.

Classic burger494 rub.

4 Cheeses burger594 rub.

Ribs burger514 rub.

Burger with mushrooms514 rub.

Vegan burger with champignons454 rub.

3 Mini burgers614 rub.

Croque Monsieur454 rub.

Madame Tetu454 rub.

Chicken thigh skewers454 rub.

Beef medallion with mushroom sauce894 rub.

Big beef steak with grilled zucchini1294 rub.

Pork neck steak with mashed potato684 rub.

Salmon steak with baked mushrooms994 rub.

BBQ Ribs with Baked Pepper624 rub.

Homemade fried sausages with sauerkraut654 rub.

Tiger Prawns with chili sauce894 rub.

Stroganov with mashed potatoes654 rub.

Seabass with grilled aubergine704 rub.

Forest berries drink154 rub.

Hot drinksот 154 rub.

Assorted juiceот 154 rub.

Lemonade254 rub.

Milkshake284 rub.

Cocktailsот 354 rub.

White winesот 234 rub.

Red winesот 234 rub.

Sparkling wineот 904 rub.

Cognacот 284 rub.

Grappa Nonino304 rub.

Whiskeyот 254 rub.

Vodkaот 154 rub.

Gin Beefeater304 rub.

Tequila Olmeca304 rub.

Rum304 rub.

Bitter304 rub.

Liquor304 rub.

Vermouth304 rub.

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St. Petersburg,
st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 4